05 Jul 2016

Growing into a Very Substantial Company, says Aggregated Micro Power CEO

Richard Burrell of Aggregated Micro Power Holdings plc (LON:AMPH) says the acquisition of two woodchip supply firms gives the group a much wider and in-depth national presence.

“We’re building a nationwide wood fuels business,” he tells Proactive Investors.

Today’s acquisition gives the group around an 8% market share of the UK market, but it doesn’t stop there, says Burrell.

“We intend to look at further acquisitions, but only if they fit,” he adds.

The group has seen more and more manufacturers moving to this type of system, which could offer up plenty more opportunities in the future.

“Investors absolutely see the logic of us entering the wood fuels market, growing a substantial market share with our companies and partners in that industry, and as a result of that I think we can grow this business into a very substantial company.”